EQ in Interactive Marketing

Looking for a way to make your interactive marketing more meaningful? Read on…

“A 2017 Cone Communications CSR study, paints a picture of redefining and pushing the traditional boundaries of what corporate social responsibility means…companies are now demanded to share more intangible values – such as what they stand for and what they are willing to stand up for. Now more than ever, business success is as much a function of company values as it is brand affinity. Consumers today are using a company’s values as a filter for whether they should support (or punish) an organization. 87% of consumers stated they would purchase a product based on values – because the company advocated for an issue they cared about — and 76% would boycott a brand if it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs.”

It’s no secret that what consumers believe a brand stands for today has a strong ability to impact corporate bottom lines and who is/isn’t willing to engage with that brand. Just this week, Rihanna and Amy Schumer reportedly rejected participating in 2019 Superbowl ads and festivities in support of Colin Kaepernick. (For an additional post about Kaepernick, click here.)

So how can companies use interactive marketing and EQ to connect more deeply with their customers? Consider this:

According to Wikipedia, Unilever is the world's largest consumer goods company measured by 2012 revenue. Based on a recent CNBC report, as all consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are struggling in today's rapidly changing markets, Unilever in contrast is thriving. Its no coincidence that Unilever is also voted one of the top 100 companies for “brand purpose.” In fact, go to their website and this is the first thing you’ll see on the homepage:


Doesn’t get any more “front and center” than that. Continue on a little further and you’ll find the “values and principles” page that talks about “working with integrity” and “positive impact,” among other things.

So imagine a Unilever marketing campaign where the company asks consumers directly to share feedback on how they’re measuring on living up to their values and principles. For the campaign, Unilever would ask people to go to their website, and for a predetermined amount of time (say 2 weeks), they’d be able to interact directly with the site, posting comments and suggestions on what Unilever is doing well and how they can improve. The company would then respond directly to the comments on the site for everyone to see, taking ownership where they can improve, and expressing gratitude for what they’re told they’re doing well. Interactive. Direct. Impactful. Engaging.

What a way to not only give your fans a voice, but a voice about mission and values and purpose.

Let me know your thoughts…would it be meaningful to you if a brand empowered you in this way?

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