Multisensory VR

Looking for a way to up your VR user engagement?  Check this out!

Google has patented shoes which can break through virtual reality by making it more enveloping for consumers. The patent, originally filed on May 9, 2018, details shoes for helping users move through virtual environments. The shoewear mentioned in Google’s filing could be motorized, with a flexible region on the bottom, and a sensor for which a computer or headset can track to create an endless movement in the virtual world.

Also, scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich have worked to enhance the touch sensory experience with newly developed thin and light VR gloves. Called Dextres, the glove comes in at less than 8 grams per finger and allows for haptic feedback in “unparalleled” freedom of movement when touching objects in the virtual world. The glove is also 2mm thick and is currently powered by a thin electrical cable.

Imagine the possibilities here!  For example, what if there was a mechanism in the shoes whereby pressure could be applied (similar to massage chairs) that would cause the shoes to tighten a bit, say in a high intensity VR environment, that would be an added sensation.  And what if we added a tactile sensory stimulation (for example, a small shock) to the gloves so when you touched certain things, there would be that additional stimulus?  Can you picture the experiences that can be created!?

Further, imagine what this can do for creating VR training environments that are more real.  What if in jobs that are prone to injury, the VR immersion could reproduce on a smaller scale some of the injury sensations (for example, the shock) so trainees could have deeper learning experiences and register the material more impactfully?  This would then heighten their awareness of such dangers on the job.

Wonderful to see VR continue to create opportunities for increased engagement!

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