Sure, AI is changing marketing, but how can you take the changes even further? Read on!

A recent Forbes article discussed how “AI is revolutionizing digital marketing.” In the article, 3 ways AI is changing digital marketing for the better are discussed. Let’s look at each and see how adding EQ can leverage even greater impact.

1-Better User Experience

“Artificial intelligence can significantly help with (user relevant data) in its ability to collect data and decide which content is the most applicable based on things like location, historical data and past behavior. When doing so, it gives the user the impression that the brand was built specifically for them.” - sure, but how can that be done without making the user feel intruded upon and being sensitive to their privacy?

“(For retail), there are now apps where you can actually “try on” clothes to see how items will look on you without ever stepping foot into the store.” - how cool would it be if the app also let you select a “setting,” for example a party or wedding background, that could help you visualize yourself with the outfit in a specific event you may be purchasing it for.

2-Predictive Customer Behavior

“With the help of data management platforms (DMP) collecting second and third-party data now, AI can collect information about your users across the internet and not just in a session on your site. This can help personalize to their needs automatically through journeys and profiles enabling you to target your potential leads and eliminating those unlikely to convert enabling you to concentrate on formulating and executing effective marketing strategies.” - same concept as above in terms of intrusion, and even more so when user activity is being tracked “across the internet.” In addition, what work is being done to ensure improper profiling and biases are not being formulated in the data aggregation?

3-Real-time customer support

“With the introduction of AI chatbots, an automated tool that gives the impression of talking to an actual customer service person in real time, AI can deliver that experience in real time.” - in the spirit of inclusion and diversity, are companies ensuring that the chatbots don’t all sound the same? A simple step towards seeming more “human.”

Exciting to see all that we’re achieving with AI, but important to continue ensuring the “human elements” are part of the conversation.

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