The Emotions of Voting

The Emotions of Voting

November 6th is Election Day. How do emotions play into campaigning and creating a charge towards action? Read on…

I was surprised to find that a Google search for “emotions of voting” yielded over 15M hits, with the first hit being “Voting is Irrational. Emotion Always Wins.” So, a few “emotional” factors to consider with respect to campaigning:

What emotion are you trying to leverage? Is your message based in eliciting anger? Reminding people of oppression or discrimination they may face? Are you trying to inspire people? Promote unity? Celebrate a candidate’s historical successes? How would the language and the visuals be different for each? What story would you tell? Who are the right storytellers (gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc)? How much does that matter?

What impact does your audience have? What changes do you have to make for the same message depending on who your audience is? How widespread do those changes need to be? For example, am I trying to reach male or female voters? Do I change just the gender or also the ethnicity of the people in the ad? What happens if I change both? How does that effect the emotions the audience will feel?

What cause or purpose is the message trying to support? Gun control? Gender equality? Immigration? Can a message in support of one turn away other audiences you were hoping to engage? Do you have the right influencers supporting your cause?

How can you create a sense of responsibility for people that they must vote? How can you make them feel that their vote will matter and their voice will be heard? How can you communicate the privilege of voting and awareness of the many places in the world where it doesn’t exist? How can you do all of this with empathy and EQ?

Prompting people to action by engaging them emotionally is as true in marketing and product design as it is in voting and getting audiences to support a cause.

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