Millennials & VR - WHY EQ MATTERS

Are your clients Millennials? Thinking of using VR? See why EQ matters…

Forbes recently published an article entitled Why Millennials Need VR. Let’s look at how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays into some of their key points.

“..54% said that new technology brings them closer to their friends and family,” which means they are expecting that the technology will do that, and in order to do so, it must be engaging. And for something to be engaging, it must elicit emotion. To design in a way that elicits emotions, you are better served being well versed in the language of emotional intelligence.

“For Millennials, happiness is about creating memories through experience. These young adults are more concerned with what brands stand for and the experiences they offer..” This takes us back to the previous point again. Millennials want experiences. To create an experience, you have to create engagement..and we’re back to emotions.

“When it comes to virtual reality, it has a much higher sensory impact than traditional marketing channels. Which is why it stimulates memory to a higher degree. But it’s not just a case of simply creating a virtual environment and hoping it will work. It’s all about the design of the content. Experiences that maximize the immersive capabilities of VR can create moments that surpass anything in another medium.” Multi-sensory engagement creates deeper learning/memory. The intention of bringing more emotions online is to create more feelings. Are you noticing a theme here?..EMOTIONS.

“Immersive virtual reality tricks the brain into thinking the body is actually in the virtual environment. In addition to appealing to our sense of sight and hearing, our sense of movement, balance and body awareness is also affected. All these sensory clues heighten the emotional link with the experience. As a consequence, the memory of the experience is also heightened.” This makes the brand associated with that experience stand out in the user’s mind more (stronger memory recall)…which is what brands aim for.

“VR can make us stop, think and feel something.” An emotional engagement is the way to maximize that “feeling” impact.

“(Brands) shouldn’t be thinking about ads per se but should be creating content that serves a real purpose, whether that’s to entertain, educate or inspire.” So its not just about content, but about authenticity, which is well served by being emotionally dialed in. One way to leverage that? Create a VR experience immersing users in a cause your organization supports or an opportunity for them to dial in to your purpose, so they can experience their consumer dollars at work and connect to the feeling of that.

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