The theme of soft skills and the masterful study of human behavior continues on into how people receive your Product (click here for a definition of “product”).  How many meaningless commercials are we subjected to that are neither informative nor entertaining?  How does an audience’s composition affect how a product is received? Psychologists report “that when people are asked to consider evidence or make decisions in a group, they come to very different conclusions than when they are asked the same questions by themselves.”(1)  A large group of students were recruited for what they were told was a market research study by a company making high-tech headphones.  Students were asked, in order to test how well the headphones worked in motion, to nod their heads vigorously up and down or shake their heads side to side while listening to music and then an editorial regarding college tuition increases (from $587 to $750).  Students were then asked questions about the quality of the headphone, but a question was included at the end asking what the students felt would be an appropriate dollar amount for undergraduate tuition per year.  Details on this study can be read in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Tipping Point, but the fascinating finding was this: those who shook their heads side to side disagreed with the proposed increase and those told to nod their heads wanted tuition to rise.  When it comes to human engagement, EVERYTHING MATTERS!  When the majority of decision making is subconscious, EVERYTHING MATTERS!  When emotion drives action, everything matters!   

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