Looking for a way to create the feeling of hope in your marketing campaign?  

Picture this:  "Nick the Nike."  He's a lone Nike sneaker who's somehow lost his mate.  Frantically, Nick begins his journey through the streets of New York looking for his other half, avoiding mishaps along the way, almost getting run over, nearly getting thrown out by a passerby who thinks he's garbage.  Moping, feeling defeated, Nick is ready to give up hope when suddenly, out of nowhere, Nick sees Nina, his other half!  But the story doesn't end there.  Just as the two unite, fireworks go off, revealing a brand new shoe once the smoke settles..the Nike Neu, Nike's latest gender neutral sneaker.  "Nike Neu, sometimes being together just fits!"

So what did we achieve here?

1-Memories are more likely to stick if they combine information and emotion(1).  Why is this?  Because when emotions are involved, there is a different level of awareness that gets engaged in the brain.  Information is abundant.  Information that captures our attention and sticks out in our memory, not as much.  So as we follow Nick the Nike's story, we share in his distress, feel hope for his journey, and celebrate his union with Nina.  

2-The element of surprise:  an animated sneaker defies your brain's expectations of what a sneaker should do, again bringing our brain into awareness.  Nothing focuses our mind better than surprise and novelty(2).    

Story + Emotion + Surprise = Engagement = Attention = Retention. 

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