Do you have an online platform where people can order something and add to it as they click through (for example ordering a car and adding features)?  Keep reading to see how your design is impacting client engagement and revenue.

In the bestselling book Nudge, authors Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein present the following scenario:  Carolyn, director of food services for a large city school system, in charge of hundreds of thousands of kids, and her friend who is a management consultant, run some experiments in the schools to determine whether the way food is displayed and arranged might influence the choices kids make.  In some schools, dessert was placed first, in others last, in still others in a separate line.  Various food items were also moved around: in some schools fries at eye level, in others carrot sticks.

The results were dramatic.  Simply by rearranging the cafeteria, Carolyn was able to increase or decrease the consumption of many food items by as much as 25%.  This role of the "choice architect," as they call Carolyn, shows that in design and human behavior, everything matters!  Seemingly arbitrary choices have subtle influences on how people engage.

In another experiment, college students were asked two questions: (a) How happy are you? and (b) How often are you dating?  When asked in this order, the correlation between the two was low.  But when the order was reversed and the dating question was asked first, the correlation was .62.  Similar results are seen with married couples when replacing the dating question with having sex.

How is your word choice affecting the decisions please make on your site?  What about the flow of the ordering process on your website?  Are you maximizing client engagement with your current design?  How about the order of information presented in your marketing pitch?

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