Need a way to add some creative storytelling to your marketing?  Read on.

Picture this:  Its the 80's.  An old Toyota truck in a home driveway.  A young man in his early twenties opens the door, gets in and starts driving.  The truck keeps making stops, and every time the door opens and closes, a new "chapter" begins as the young man ages.  And each time he ages, his truck is a newer model..so as we journey through the timeline of his life, Toyota has been with him every step of the way...a stop at a college football game, his first date with his future wife as he opens the door for her, they pull up to the driveway of their new home with a banner across the door that reads, "Just Married!."  Next scene, he opens the door to let his pregnant wife in the car.  Moving forward, he's giving his son driving lessons in the Toyota truck.  Now its time for the next generation as the dad stands in the driveway embracing his son as he fights back tears, then watching his son get in the truck and drive off with the truck bed packed with furniture and boxes.  Toyota, taking you through the journey of life.

Let's take a deeper look:

1-the power of story and emotion:  your brain remembers stories, and emotional stories are even more significant.  When the emotional brain determines what we choose to pay attention to, the more emotionally charged something is, the more likely your brand will capture awareness and create a lasting impression.  A study done by the UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising analyzed the effectiveness of ads chosen from a large database of advertising award competition entrants and found that campaigns with primarily emotional content performed about twice as well as the approaches that focused on rational content.(1)

2-engaging conscious awareness:  normally, you would not expect a truck to keep morphing into a new car and a person to "change" as each scene progresses, so when this happens, the greater attention this captures allows for greater integration of this experience as a memory in your brain, a memory with a positive association about a story about Toyota...all ingredients for successful marketing and engagement.  

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