Would you like to see how you can use augmented reality (AR) to increase client engagement?  Keep reading...

Picture this:  you're in Sephora, and you walk up to a make up display with a large picture of a beautiful model, let's say its Lancome.  Ordinarily, you might walk up to the counter, peruse the display, maybe check out a few items, and move on.  

Now picture this:  you walk up to the display, and a few seconds later the model (using technology that recognizes a face has been standing there for a few seconds, vs just walking by) begins to engage you.  "Hello, I'm Isabelle (the model's real name).  I'm a Lancome representative.  How can I help you? To learn more about any of our products, simply scan the barcode down below so I know which product you're considering."  You've picked up a rose colored blush.  You scan the bar code on the reader at the counter.  "Ah yes, that's our La Rôse Blush Poudrer.  It's a great choice for summer.  It looks like you have a light skin tone (identified using available technology).  This color would be perfect for you.  Would you like me to suggest a few lip colors that go well with this blush?"  You say yes, and you and Isabelle continue on with your shopping experience.  Isabelle asks, "Would you like me to take a picture of you and show you how these products would look on you?"  You say yes, are directed to look at the camera, a picture is snapped, and within seconds, your image displays on the screen, made up with the beauty products you selected, and you can experience in real time how this would look.  (Alternatively, Isabelle can also be walking you through how to apply each of these products with samples available at the display.)  Once you've discussed with Isabelle all the products you are considering, she sends you off with well wishes for your day.  "Thanks for trusting your beauty needs to Lancome.  Hope to see you again soon." 

With this concept, what ordinarily would be a static trip to the store to run an errand turns into an immersive experience.  The model telling you her name makes her more relatable.  The use of modern technology maintains the brand as forward thinking. 

Another key consideration for this scenario is that you've engaged the element of surprise, critical in creating conscious awareness.  As neuroscientist David Eagleman tells us in his book, Incognito, "Awareness of your surroundings occurs only when sensory inputs violate expectations.  When (these) new situations cause your normal expectations to be violated, consciousness comes online and your internal model adjusts."(1)  This awareness causes your brain to "pay attention," and that attention translates into a memory embedded in the consumer's mind, associated with your product.

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