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By now, you’ve almost certainly heard of the #MeToo movement, founded in 2006 to help survivors of sexual violence have a voice and find healing. It’s fantastic that the movement has received lots of media attention and celebrity backing, which helps to increase support and resources. For me personally, alot of the news and images I see in this space typically come with the face of older women, celebrity or not. So picture this:

A dark background, a #MeToo sign, similar to the image for this blog post. A voice starts, “My name is Angela, and I’m 13 years old.” Next person, same set up, “My name is Juan, and I’m 12 years old.” “My name is Fatima, and I’m 14 years old.” “My name is Adina and I’m 13, (next voice) and I’m her sister Ruth, and I’m 12 years old.” “My name is Ming, and I’m 7 years old.”…Children, boys and girls, each one by one making their statement. After the last person, the screen reads: Sexual violence can happen at any age. If you need help, know that it’s ok to reach out. Then Google and RAINN logos display, with a list of resources and contact information.

What’s RAINN? RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. Why Google? Earlier this year, Google once again partnered with RAINN, announcing a $250,000 gift to RAINN to provide increased support to survivors through the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which has helped more than 2.7 million people since 1994. They also released Me Too Rising, a visualization of the global #MeToo movement through Google Trends data. 

Surely there is impact here for the message behind the #MeToo movement, but this message goes deeper than that. It’s the sadness and hurt you feel that this trauma can happen at any age. It’s the shock when you hear siblings, a boy, a seven year old. It’s taking an effective message, and doing more with it through empathy and emotional engagement. It’s using auditory senses when you hear the voice of each child. It’s using the dark room to set the tone. It’s hiding their faces to be sensitive to their age. It’s activating mirror neurons in your brain.

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