Empathy and AI

Are you incorporating more AI in your company? If so, read on…

A recent Fortune article titled, “Artificial Intelligence Needs Empathy and Regulation,” discussed the need for empathy and regulation to be conversations at the forefront of AI growth efforts. In it, Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of emotional AI company Affectiva, explained one example of the problem facing us today. “Middle-aged white men usually create and train face recognition AI using images of people who look like themselves, which means the technology often doesn’t work as well, if at all, on women of color. It goes back to the teams designing these algorithms, and if your team isn’t diverse they aren’t going to be thinking about how this will work on a woman wearing hijab. You solve for the problems you know.”

This brings us to another challenge…how to bring diverse voices to the conversation when STEM is already struggling to have increased presence of diversity in its workforce. Seemingly, the solution then goes back one step further, in promoting the opportunity for more people to be exposed to education and careers in technology. As an extension, this may warrant positions in technology outside of traditional ones such an engineering, perhaps ones more aligned with culture, EQ, and diversity. Chief EQ officer? Subsequently, those voices must be included in the design and programming conversations as a team approach, rather than as a separate silo.

AI has so much to offer us, and even more as we incorporate increased empathy.

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