Lexus, AI, & EQ

Recently, Lexus debuted the first AI-scripted commercial, directed by Kevin Macdonald, working from a script that was developed by IBM’s Watson AI system. 

Of great interest and fascination to me was how much of the article discussed the emotional factors that played into the design considerations.

“The agencies collaborated with the IBM Watson team to use AI to analyze 15 years’ worth of footage, text and audio for car and luxury brand campaigns that have won Cannes Lions awards for creativity, as well as a range of other external data. Watson identified elements common to award-worthy commercials that were ‘both emotionally intelligent and entertaining,’ according to IBM.” —Of all the factors that could have been chosen as analysis points, EQ was one of the primary ones. How clearly does that remind us of the significance of EQ in design, especially in ad spend.

“But it’s not like the machine did all the work: The AI engine formed the script flow and outline, from which the creative agencies built the story.” —So even beyond AI’s efforts, the human element is still needed to create engaging design.

“The fact the AI gave a fellow machine sentience, placed it in a sort of combat situation and then had it escaping into the sunset, was such an emotional response from what is essentially a digital platform,” added the director, whose credits include “The Last King of Scotland,” Whitney Houston biopic “Whitney” and Oscar-winning documentary film “One Day in September.” —For an award-winning director, in the production of a new advertising medium, emotional response was still the element of importance.

The Lexus ES “Driven by Intuition” campaign —”Intuition”..not speed, not design, not performance, or any other catchy word relevant to auto.

As we continue to leverage the benefits for AI and technology, there’s no escaping the emotional drivers necessary for engagement.

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