UiPath, Leadership, and EQ

It was recently reported that $3 Billion Google-Backed AI unicorn UiPath is set to achieve revenue growth of 5614%. Let me say that again: 5614%! UiPath is a robotic process automation (RPA) specialist providing “software robots” to enterprises in the form of its SaaS platform. The software automates back-office business tasks using AI. The article goes on to say, “By early 2018 the startup, focused on supplying Fortune 500 firms, had 700 enterprise customers including BMW Group and Huawei.  This had grown from just 100 the year before. At the time catapulting UiPath’s ARR by 690% and making it a market leader in the RPA market.”

This kind of explosive growth is strong affirmation of the fact that organizations are rapidly integrating AI into their processes as they seek greater efficiency and reduced cost. But this accelerated adoption means an equally (if not greater) acceleration of the potential for employees to raise concern about what this might mean for their employment future. So how does leadership impact this journey for their organization? I offer the following:

  • How dialed-in is the leadership to their corporate culture? This step allows the leaders to have their finger on the pulse of how the organization responds to change

  • How trusted is the leadership team? If employees trust their leaders to have their best interest at heart, they are more inclined to buy in to change. This trust is an investment built over time.

  • What is the proper way to disclose this change to the organization? Timing, word choice, tone of voice, presentation..it all matters.

  • Is the leadership team investing time into make the employees feel empowered as part of the conversation, vs “dictating to them” that the change is coming?

  • Is this change being tied to a greater purpose, and is the purpose being communicated? For example, the organization is implementing UiPath to free up employee time to be better spent on more fulfilling work.

  • How strong is the emotional intelligence of the leadership team to be in awareness of the points discussed and to have the tools to deliver what’s necessary? Without strong EQ, it can be easy to get lost in the “business” side of the change and neglect the “human” side of transition.

UiPath can create great opportunities for an organization and its employees. Like any change, the journey will have a strong impact on the outcome.

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