Embodied AI & Human Engagement

Considering Embodied AI as part of your organizational growth this year? Read on..

A recent Forbes article entitled “How Extended Reality And Embodied AI Could Become A Power Combination For Businesses,” touches on possible applications for these emerging technologies. The author defines embodied AI as, “an IoT-enabled device embedded with AI capabilities that can perform complex tasks locally” and extended reality (XR) as, “an umbrella for AR, VR, and mixed reality that runs the gamut from simple digital overlays to fully immersive digital experiences.”

The article does a great job of itemizing areas for potential implementation, including industrial operations, NASA, corporate training, and the consumer experience. Certainly the possibilities are endless, but I would offer a few points for consideration of human engagement:

  • The article states, "XR could also replace old ways of doing things with more dynamic, human-friendly methods. According to MIT Technology Review, NASA is already using AR technology to help build spacecraft faster. Instead of referring to thick, printed instruction manuals, people wear AR headsets that guide the assembly process by overlaying holograms displaying 3D models onto the parts of the spacecraft that are already built." Is there an audio component? If so, what is tone of the voice? The gender? The speed of speech? The ethnicity/accent? Can users customize any of this? If not, how might this impact the “diversity” that true human engagement allows?

  • As people continue to read more articles that discuss the increased permeation of technology in our lives, what conversation are companies having with their teams to allay fears of what this means for their future? How is organizational morale being impacted by this?

As we explore the undeniable benefits of technology, let’s ensure we’re staying in awareness of the humans that will be engaging with this technology.

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