The Future of EQ

My last post talked about why we cant trust our own opinions and observations. Well, here’s one way neuroscience is helping companies address that.

Enter Immersive Neuroscience, co-founded by Dr. Paul Zak. “Immersion Neuroscience’s sensor and software platform lets a company know how its product is being perceived by consumers, how to make it better, and who might be willing to purchase from and remain loyal to its brand.”

“Users wear a sensor on the forearm that our software uses to identify neurologic signals that show when people really care about an experience. When they do, their brains create a set of neurochemicals that we track, including one called oxytocin. We call the neurologic state when the brain makes these chemicals “immersion,” or a deep connection to what is going on. When we are immersed in an experience, we will act on the information, remember it better, and share it with others.”

This reinforces our conversations about the idea that emotions are they way to connect with your audience. Emotions create the neurochemicals, which increases engagement and impact. The more content we’re faced with, the more important connection will be. The more important connection becomes, the more unavoidable creating emotions…and on goes that cycle.

What emotions is your message creating? How do people feel about your brand? When was the last time you gave your organization an “emotion check-up”?

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