Care About Your Pocket Book? Grow Your EQ!

A recent article discussed Why More 'Emotional Intelligence' Means More Money for Entrepreneurs. Check out some key points and thoughts below:

“A Deloitte study described by the Huffington Post found that the costs associated with losing a single employee can exceed twice that individual’s annual salary. In contrast, a study by Initiative One Leadership Institute described by Entrepreneur found that workers are "400 percent less likely to leave a job if they have a high EQ manager.”” 400%!!! That’s staggering! What an incredible return for investing in skills that help you personally as well as professionally, such as empathy, kindness, and effective communication.

“While marketing tactics abound for fueling growth for startups and big-name brands alike, many entrepreneurs ultimately succeed or fail based almost entirely on their skills and personality.” They say people do business with people, not with businesses. Ultimately, we want to trust those we are building relationships with.

“An EQ individual understands that while you can’t control everything that affects your business, your reaction will impact what comes next.” That also includes the domino affect of how your reaction will impact those around you, then those around them, and so on.

“By not letting extreme positive or negative emotions cloud your judgment, you can take a step back, look at the bigger picture and make a more rational decision.” Postive OR negative emotions. Maintaining clarity of thought is just as important in traversing positive emotions as negative ones.

“Of course, there is a difference between managing your emotions and suppressing them. As Anton Chumak Andryakov wrote for Entrepreneur, “No matter what the emotion is, you must remember to keep it balanced, authentic to you and the situation, and you must be proactive and not reactive with it. Don’t be a robot; and go show some emotion.” Expressing feelings appropriately is a key part of emotional intelligence -- especially when you interact with others.” Emotional awareness is not masking or avoiding your emotions, in particular uncomfortable ones, in order to push through. Emotional awareness is honoring your emotions using effective skills to give the emotions the attention they need. As feelings are the language our body uses to communicate with us, its certainly an important conversation to pay attention to.

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