Deep Dive Coaching & Powerful Leadership

I’m an Executive Leadership Coach, specializing in Emotional Intelligence. My passion is how to help people feel stuff to empower them to do stuff…towards greater impact and being their best self. I do this using a combination of neuroscience, psychology, business, and decision making science. Nothing I have ever achieved in my professional career gives me the same joy as watching someone grow into themselves fully and authentically, living their best life.

In my coaching, because I have an extensive background in business leadership as well as being a licensed clinician, I use the approach of looking at the leader’s “whole self.” Why? Because your entire life you have one brain, one database…and this database captures all your life experiences, and its what you access to create interpretations and reactions to everything you engage with…your entire life…personally, professionally, and anything in between.

How do I do this? By starting at childhood. Because who you are today started from who were you then, what impacted you, and how you created your sense of the world. 100% of the time I find that whatever is getting in the way of us being our best today is rooted in early life experiences. Now keep in mind, no executive comes to me and says, “I think my childhood is affecting my ability as a leader.”…but its almost as if we all innately know this to be true, because once I explain my approach, I generally hear, “yeah there might be some stuff from my past.”..and once we start the work, they’re able to undeniably see the connection.

What does “success” look like? Leaders who show up fully and authentically. Leaders who grow their understanding of themselves and in turn their ability to understand and connect with others, including their teams, leading to stronger outcomes. Leaders who are able to cultivate inner peace and greater confidence.

So what prevents leaders from doing this deep dive work? It’s hard. It takes time. Its a slow process. You have to trust. It takes commitment. It takes a true desire to live your best life. The work is ongoing…its a journey not a destination. The high profile executives I work with are solution-oriented…used to identifying an issue, following a set of steps, and seeing tangible results they can measure. Deep dive coaching doesn’t work that way. Leaders may lack the initial self awareness that its their past that’s holding them back. Or they’ve built strong avoidance mechanisms to allow them to pretend they don’t see it.

So why do some leaders go through the process? Because inside, they know there’s truth to this. Because as we work together, they’re able to see the change…but better yet, they’re able to feel the change. They grow in emotional intelligence (awareness of self and others). They recognize triggers from their past popping up today and they’re able to reframe the story.

Deep dive coaching is a powerful tool towards growing your skills as an impactful executive.

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