The Future of Corporate Training

The Future of Corporate Training

A recent article entitled, “Virtual Reality And A Radical New Approach To Leading In Volatile Times” highlights the use of VR in corporate training. A few discussion points below:

-”Only businesses with high performing, collaborative leadership teams – which recognize that people and technology are the cornerstones of transformation – will adapt strategically and successfully in these disruptive times.”

Here at Lezam, we touched on this also with the concept of Psychological Safety and what’s required to build those high performing teams. Be sure to check out further details.

-Barbara Walsh, MD of consultancy firm Metaco, introduced Metaco’s new VR coaching platform. “She showed how VR can revolutionize the way leaders and teams relate through the ability to simulate difficult conversations or negotiations – disagreeing with someone senior to them, asking for resources or discussing a team member’s poor performance with them, for example – without any of the anxiety of doing it in real life. ‘This enables them to role play the scenario and prepare for it, removing any negative personal biases and helping them manage the encounter professionally.’”

Certainly this is a great way to ease people into an experience and increase their skills and comfort. In fact, companies like UPS are using VR to enhance driver safety training. This allows for increased access, cost control, and creation of diverse training environments. We need to keep in mind, however, that VR training in a complement to, and not a substitute for, practical real world training where the “intricacies” of human dynamics are relevant. These are the specifics that VR still falls short of duplicating.

As technology continues to merge into our lives, maintaining considerations for the human elements necessary for successful integration will allow us to work towards maximizing success.

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