Your AI Surgeon Awaits?

Your AI Surgeon Awaits?

A recent Healthcare IT News article touches on efforts to grow integrated operating rooms with the use of AI and VR.

The article states, “A Frost & Sullivan report predicts that as many as 45% of ORs will be integrated with intelligent technologies within the next four years to improve the precision and predictability of surgical services. The report recommends hospitals should explore ways to integrate AI algorithms to reduce readmission and identify potential patient risks, as well as adopt VR in medicine and foster partnerships with medical device specialists.”

Although the benefits are certainly evident, this brings to mind some additional questions. For example:

1-How might increased use of AI and VR affect human tendencies? For example, is it possible that relying on technology will make us “lazy”…having less awareness of what we’re doing because we trust the technology?

2-How much AI/VR integration would you be ok with in the operating room? How about an AI-backed robot performing your surgery…would you feel safe/comfortable with that?

3-How much thought would you give to how intimately the AI support had been trained for your specific ethnic or genetic make up, or your specific condition?

4-Do you feel tech integration makes healthcare more or less reliable?

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