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The Mindset of Culture

leila entezamComment
The Mindset of Culture

Everywhere you look today, there’s another book or article about organizational culture.  An Amazon search for “organizational culture and leadership” in the “Books” category brings back over 4,000 results.  It’s great to see such an important topic is becoming so mainstream in corporate conversations.  Increasingly, companies are realizing that void of confirming these priorities, they’ll soon find themselves left far behind.

Here’s the challenge (well, one of them at least):  Culture, like mindset, is a daily practice.  It’s not a “one and done.”  Leadership runs the risk of engaging in dialogue about organizational culture because it’s the current hot topic, only to fail in the follow through or in translating it into real change.  I would offer that can be more harmful than never having engaged in the dialogue to begin with, because it then sounds like empty promises and employees can lose faith in believing leadership’s interest and sincerity. 

To honor the commitment to culture, I would offer the following:

1-Define culture collectively as an organization, not in the isolation of leadership.

2-Understand intimately why you’ve established this commitment and chosen this definition to lay the groundwork for connection and engagement, vs. the feeling of arbitrary announcements.

3-Create an infrastructure that includes a “checks and balances” of keeping the organization accountable.

4-Ensure that there are “action items” that make your culture an active “verb” that requires regular practice, vs. something that’s discussed annually at best.

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