Nike. Colin. EQ!

One ad. So many reactions. Want to create an ad with impact? Read on.

Irrespective of what your personal views are about Colin Kaepernick and his NFL controversy, the data shows Nike’s ad campaign was successful, if you measure success by revenue, impact, and generating buzz. What are some of the emotional factors Nike tapped in to?

  • Purpose: Colin and his followers embrace the fact that he’s standing up for something he believes in

  • Struggle: Audiences are tuned in to Colin’s story of struggle as he longs to return to the game he loves but no teams will sign him

  • Controversy: Colin’s story with the NFL is controversial, and people on both sides have strong opinions they feel very firmly about.

In my opinion, from a marketing perspective, the ad was genius. But if you’re looking for an alternative version, picture this:

Packed football arena, exciting game going on, as the sound of thousands of screaming fans can be heard. Lights, whistles, all of it. The dusk sky can be seen overhead. Colin is seen standing on a rooftop, outside the arena, such that he has a view of the stadium and in ear shot of all the sounds. He looks longingly at the stadium, as viewers can feel him imagining being back in the game, grief on his face, football in his hand. As the camera zooms out a bit, we see a little boy standing next to him, looking up at him, in some ways looking up TO him. Colin kneels. He kneels down to the little boy. To the future. He hands the boy the ball, stands up, and as he walks off the Nike symbol comes on the screen.

With this ad, we’re able to connect to Colin’s story, the struggle, the feelings, the longing, and the hope for future impact. Just another way to use emotions to create engagement!

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