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“Not only has Leila’s big picture vision helped me to identify if a marketing opportunity makes sense for me on multiple occasions, but her extensive business background has then been essential in negotiating those engagements.”
Terrell Owens, NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer

“Lezám distilled our message to its core in a matter of minutes.  Weeks of internal debate was settled within a 1 hour work session.  Leila has changed the way we think about connecting with our customers.  She’s practically an ‘easy’ button for shaping your message.”
Timothy Murphy, Co-Founder - Brevvie

“Leila has been instrumental in strategic oversight of projects I’ve been involved with for many years. She’s always my #1 go-to.”
Matthew Hatchette, Retired NFL Player

"Leila is very knowledgeable in the intersection space of business, technology, and design!"

Eduardo Vieira, Singularity University Impact Founder - INNER

“Working with Lezám helped us identify some important behaviors users might have when using the App and how we could manage them.”

Francisco Dueñas, Singularity University Impact Founder - Utopia

“Lezám helped us think more comprehensively about using touch and texture in our toy design, and to consider the cost implications of doing so. It allowed us to consider our target audience more as a whole person.”
Jack Miller, CEO - Move2Play

"Working with Lezám really strengthened our marketing pitch.  We were able to remove barriers we didn't even know existed (which she pointed out!), and learned how to "get out of our own heads"."
Sara Salam, Founder/CEO - Hype Hires Inc.

"Lezám helped us better understand our audience, connect with them emotionally, and tell our story effectively.  We'll definitely continue our work with Leila."

Alpa Patel, Founder/CEO - Spaceez

"Lezám showed us how to get right to the point with our marketing.  Learning to look for the feelings our platform creates helped us understand how to reach our audience more effectively."
Kristine Everly, Co-Founder - Brevvie

"Lezám really helped us drill down, be clear on our product offering, and simplify our message!"
Jaideep Singh, CoFounder - Alcazar

"Lezám helped us refine our marketing strategy and pitch deck, showing us how to really look for ways to use feelings to reach our audience!"

Ning Ma, Founder - Emlumination

“Leila was able to suggest resources for further research, help analyze the emotional state of our users, and offer strategic considerations all in one conversation.”

Dani Foffa, Founder & CEO - Wellify

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