Leila entezam, lmft, mba

Hi, thanks for being here.  Here’s a little about my story, to help you understand the person behind the content on this page.

I’m an immigrant, came to this country from Iran, a place that was in turmoil with the US at the time we moved.  That translated into alot of change and parents focused on trying to figure out how to navigate this new landscape.  I graduated from undergrad with a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology.  

I transitioned to business school, which felt like such a natural fit; as an immigrant I believe business is often in our blood lines.  I have an insatiable passion for business strategy and human connection, it excites me to the point where I feel my brain dancing, and feeling alive.  It’s the perfect playground for the out of the box thinking I love, trying to understand what motives people to take action towards an intended goal.

But business alone felt incomplete.  I needed to connect with people in a deeper way.  I needed to do work that matters, has a purpose, moves people.  I needed to feel like I was making a difference.  So, I added a Masters in Psychology to my portfolio and became a licensed therapist, not only to do service work, but also to live immersively in strengthening my empathy muscles on a consistent basis.  Every day I learn from people, practice deep listening, ask reflective questions, observe transformations, feel what they feel, and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  Irrespective of the platform (personal or professional), action stems from emotion. That’s EQ.  My work is the result of passion, education, 20+ years of experience, hundreds of books I've read, and a life lived deeply and emotionally.

At the intersection of the two worlds (business and psychology), I’m a translator, an interpreter, and a connector.  I listen for the need, then strategize on ways to create meaningful change and impact.  My resume can provide more details on the scope of this work, awards, publications, etc., but a resume is a menu of my many gigs along the way of making me who I am, it doesn’t paint the picture of how I feel about what I do. You’ll have to meet me in person to fully understand that. 

Let’s get started!

For further details on my background, click here to view CV.

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