how emotionally intelligent is your ORGANIZATION?

In an age of information overload, now more than ever survival of a brand and an organization depends on standing out from all the noise and connecting with people authentically while building trust and rapport.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key to facilitating this level of engagement. 

  • Pitch & Product

    • Challenge: Are your Product sales not achieving the type of revenue you need? Are clients not engaging with your web platform as deeply as you'd like? Are your marketing efforts producing the results you expect?

    • EQ Solution:

      • Learn how to engage all the senses in your Pitch & Product design, and how to understand human emotion and behavior, tune in to your audience and create greater connection

      • Design your web platforms (user-interface design and process flow) to capture audience attention and drive desired decision making

  • People

    • Challenge: Does your organization need to elevate its conversations around communication, culture, and purpose?

    • EQ Solution:

      • Workshops designed to foster collaborative dialogue and create team alignment

      • Fearless Teaming/Psychological Safety training through the BEInG program (Building Emotional Intelligence iN Groups)

  • Personal

    • Challenge: Do you need help on growing your empathy and emotional intelligence, communicating more effectively, and increasing your self awareness?

    • EQ Solution:

      • Executive Leadership Coaching based in neuroscience, psychology, and decision making science

      • Create greater impact and inspiration through clarity and intention


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