You can HAVE it all

“Culture”, “Trust”, “Impact”, “EQ”, “Vulnerability”, “Diversity”, “Inclusion”, “Purpose”, “Values”, “Innovation”, “Teaming”, “Communication”, “Psychological Safety”, “High Reliability Organization”…Everywhere you look today, there’s another conversation about the permeation of these terms in global corporate environments. This is the list I’ve heard in just the last week alone! With limited resources and competing needs, it’s hard to know where to look, what actions to take to create real impact, or where to start.

Well, since I’m a fan of acronyms, I have a simple one I offer clients as a starting point they can use for their own check in (H.A.V.E.). Since the only person I can control is myself, to me it seems like a reasonable place to start. I’m happy to share it with you here.

H-honesty. Be honest, not just with others, but with yourself. Even when its hard. Not starting with honesty is like treating the wrong diagnosis.

A-authenticity. Be real. Once you know your truth (honesty), be authentic about it. Sure, that can be hard, scary, uncomfortable, make you nervous…but honoring yourself is worth the trade off.

V-vulnerability. Know your truth, be real about it, then be willing to share it. Because without the willingness to be vulnerable and open enough to share it, your truth is left unspoken.

E-empathy. And when you’re vulnerable enough to share your truth authentically, remember to couple it with empathy for the audience, how they receive it, how they respond, if their response was not ideal…so often we take things personally that have nothing to do with us. Sure, doesn’t absolve others of their responsibility, but hey..have empathy. It’ll get you alot further than not.

With a few simple steps, you can HAVE it all.

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